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Chokkyuu Hyoudai Robot Anime: Straight Title


The story of the anime is set in the year Mobile Century 8013. It has been over seven millennia since humanity was wiped out on Earth, but the surviving military robots continue to wage war with no more.

TV 12 5.68

Sousei no Onmyouji


Magano, a parallel realm filled with monsters known as "Kegare," is a place where exorcists deal with all impurities. Benio Adashino is a prodigy exorcist who is recognized for her strength and is more.

TV 50 7.30

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!


Yuuta Segawa has just started his freshman year of university. One day, his sister Yuri, who raised him after their parents died, asks him to take care of her daughters Hina, Sora and Miu while she more.

TV 12 7.25

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge


For high school student Tanaka, the act of being listless is a way of life. Known for his inattentiveness and ability to fall asleep anywhere, Tanaka prays that each day will be as uneventful as the more.

TV 12 7.82

Ta ga Tame no Alchemist


The game is set in the continent of Babel, where the Tower of Babel looms large over seven nations. After the invention of alchemy led to its use as a tool of war that brought humanity to the brink more.

Movie 1 6.43

Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki


After the death of his grandfather, 19-year-old Kazuya Souma—an aspiring civil servant—is left all alone with no one to call family. Out of the blue, he is transported to the Elfrieden Kingdom, a more.

TV 13 7.25

Tanaka-kun wa Kyou mo Kedaruge add

A series of shorts featuring the characters from Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge in chibi form.

ONA 35 7.28

Dies Irae: Reimei


Episode 0 of Dies Irae.

Special 1 5.35

Kai Byoui Ramune


At first glance, Ramune may not seem like a professional doctor—he is crass, rude, and often acts halfheartedly. But his true brilliance shines through once his patients pay him a visit: he is able more.

TV 12 7.15

Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist


Seventeen-year-old William Twining takes pride in his lineage as well as his devotion to modern science. When he learns that his family has gone bankrupt, the pompous noble is faced with the reality more.

TV 12 7.00



Set in a world where the concept of music ceases to exist. The story begins when a boy encounters Myuu, a mysterious girl who possesses an audio input jack in her body. The two intermingle with the more.

TV 12 5.38

Samurai Deeper Kyou add

In the year 1600, at the fog-covered battlefield of Sekigahara, a fierce battle was waged by two exemplary swordsmen. One was Kyoushirou Mibu, a skilled and noble warrior in possession of the unique more.

TV 26 6.89

Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail


Crime never sleeps in Roanapur, and neither does Roberta—a devoted maid and skilled guerilla soldier in service to the Venezuelan Lovelace family. After the assassination of her superior by the US more.

OVA 5 8.02

Dies Irae: To the Ring Reincarnation


Episodes 12–17 of Dies Irae released exclusively on the web.

ONA 6 5.99

Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac


Zeus had a daughter named Athena, the goddess of war. A group of youths flocked to Athena fighting to protect her amidst heroic battles as her "Saints". Their proof of being a Saint laid with the more.

ONA 12 5.18



The world of Duel Monsters is once again evolving with the development of a network called Link Vrains and a new summoning mechanic introduced as Link Summoning. By using this cyberspace, duelists more.

TV 120 6.68

Dies Irae


Ren Fujii is a normal student who just had a fistfight with his former best friend, leading him to break off their friendship. But with the help of his childhood friend, Kasumi Ayase, and more.

TV 11 5.39


Light animation by TOCHKA. Takamori Saigo was born in Kagoshima in 1828 and has been dubbed the last true samurai who is still loved by the people of Kagoshima. Saigo committed harakiri in the more.

Movie 1 N/A

Higashi no Eden Movie II: Paradise Lost


As one of the 12 Seleção that needs to save the country in order to win a game, Akira Takizawa decided to become the "King of Japan." With that in mind, after his return from the U.S.A., the more.

Movie 1 7.56

Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary


From the dawn of time, there have been warriors who protected the Goddess Athena. Once forces of evil appear, these warriors, called the Saints will present themselves. A young woman, Saori Kido, more.

Movie 1 6.20

Nami yo Kiitekure


Restaurant worker Minare Koda has recently been through a bad breakup. Heartbroken and drunk after a night out, she rants about her misery to a complete stranger—Kanetsugu Matou, a radio station more.

TV 12 7.35

Zom 100: Zombie ni Naru made ni sh*tai 100 no Koto


After graduating from a top university with an impressive extracurricular record in the rugby club, Akira Tendou has nailed every step of the way to securing his dream job. On top of that, a more.

TV 12 7.80

Midnight Crazy Trail add

Shout and Crunchy are "trash throw away-ers" who work in the dead of night. Makina is a 16-year-old witch who has come to the world of humans and to London to study for one year about how to become more.

Movie 1 5.25

Noctambulist add

A music video for matryoshka's Noctambulist, directed by Susumu Yamaguchi. The song itself was released in 2012 as part of their album, Laideronnette.

Music 1 6.15

Candy Boy: Nonchalant Talk of the Certain Twin Sisters in Daily Life add

Yukino and Kanade Sakurai are twin sisters that live together in a high school dorm. Although they are twins, they tend to act romantic toward each other, holding hands and going on dates. One day, more.

ONA 7 6.76

Bishoujo Yuugi Unit Crane Game Girls


One day, Saya, an agent of the World Space Association, receives a sudden message that says a large number of asteroids are on a collision course with Earth, and it is her mission to stop them. more.

TV 13 4.40

R.O.D: Read or Die add

Yomiko Readman is a lovable, near-sighted bibliomaniac working as a substitute teacher at a Japanese high school. Her real identity, however, is that of a secret agent for the British Library more.

OVA 3 7.61

Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These - Kaikou


For over a century and a half, two interstellar states have wrested for control of the Milky Way. The Galactic Empire, an absolute monarchy ruled by Kaiser Friedrich IV and an entrenched nobility, more.

TV 12 7.78

Change Our Mirai!: Our 7 Lights add

After an eventful year of music, Nachi Tsukisuzu is finally graduating high school. To celebrate their oldest member's accomplishment, the members of Irodorimidori accompany her for a live more.

Music 1 5.69

Go! Samurai


Animated short by Keiichiro Kimura about a single samurai that fights for his life against 100 of his vicious enemies.

ONA 1 5.57

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san


Mahiro Yasaka is just an ordinary high school student, until one day he is suddenly attacked by a dangerous monster. Just when everything seems to be lost, he is saved by a silver-haired girl named more.

TV 12 6.98

Trava: Fist Planet add

Ace pilot Trava and his personal mechanic buddy Shinkai, on their way to mark an out-of-the-way planet, pick up Mikuru, a girl with no memory. The three are about to discover that the planet is more more.

OVA 4 6.51

Sentouin, Hakenshimasu!


As a chief operative of the villainous Kisaragi Corporation, Sentouin Roku-gou receives orders to help the organization conquer the entire known universe. Tasked with infiltrating the kingdom of more.

TV 12 7.15

Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These - Seiran 2


Marquis Reinhard von Lohengramm's plot to destabilize the Free Planets Alliance succeeds when the treacherous former Rear Admiral Arthur Lynch instigates a coup on Heinessen. Equipped with a plan more.

Movie 4 8.16

Yaoguai Mingdan add

A foxy temptress. A strange misty tree demon. A girl with the power of the goddess Xianjia! Being caught between these women is a feat in it of itself, but our hero Feng Xi must fight in order to more.

ONA 18 6.81

Birdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story Season 2


Arriving in Japan, underground golfer Eve wants nothing more than to play a match against Aoi Amawashi, the "Innocent Tyrant" prodigy that caught her eye. However, the girls, wishing to finally more.

TV 12 7.58

Fairy Tail Movie 2: Dragon Cry


Dragon Cry is a magical artifact of deadly power, formed into a staff by the fury and despair of dragons long gone. Now, this power has been stolen from the hands of the Fiore kingdom by the more.

Movie 1 7.55

Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These - Seiran 1


The Free Planets Alliance's invasion of the Galactic Empire has failed after supply mismanagement led to heavy losses. Unwilling to abort the expedition despite being greatly outnumbered, Fleet more.

Movie 4 8.06

Birdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story


Infamous among those who gamble on golf games, Eve uses her exceptional skill in the sport to earn a living—by betting and winning against various opponents. Known as the "Rainbow Bullet," she vows more.

TV 13 7.50

Nissan Note x The World of Golden Eggs add

Animated TV commercials for the Nissan Note featuring the cast from The World of Golden Eggs. The commercials were also released on a limited number of DVDs that were given away to test drivers of more.

CM 5 N/A

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood


After a horrific alchemy experiment goes wrong in the Elric household, brothers Edward and Alphonse are left in a catastrophic new reality. Ignoring the alchemical principle banning human more.

TV 64 9.09

Little Busters! Refrain


Following the Little Busters after they lost their first baseball game, the team decides to have a pancake party. It has been almost one semester since the return of Kyousuke Natsume. As usual, Riki more.

TV 13 8.18

Scratch x One Piece Film: Gold add

A TV collaboration between One Piece Film: Gold and Takarakuji the nationwide lottery system in Japan. The commercial is promoting lottery scratch cards with One Piece designs on them.

CM 1 6.32

Afro Samurai Movie add

A movie adaptation of the TV series.

Movie 1 7.54

Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to The Animation


Yuuki Aito is a perverted manga artist who appreciates panties, wishing to draw as many as he can. Being surrounded by numerous female assistants, he is constantly asking to use them as references more.

TV 12 7.09

Merry PLLIstmas add

Music video for the song Merry PLLIstmas by PLAVE.

Music 1 N/A

Taishou Mebiusline: Chicchai-san


Hiiragi Kyoichiro, the eldest son of a wealthy family, has left behind his home in Momoki Village to attend the prestigious Imperial University in Tokyo. He carries with him his family's heirloom more.

TV 12 4.73



Becoming an ice dancer was not what Tsukasa Akeuraji had aimed for when he decided to take on the figure skating world. However, it is where he ended up as he "started too late" to follow his true more.

TV - N/A

Kämpfer für die Liebe add

A two-episode special. They are designated as Episodes 13 and 14, and the first episode is a direct sequel to the previous series while the second episode is about the trans-sex of Natsuru.

Special 2 6.44



The Nagoya Keirin Golden Dolphin Competition is a bicycle race—specifically a Japanese style track cycling event held in a velodrome—and this year's 62nd annual competition will be supporting areas more.

ONA 1 4.54
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