LCBO strike: How to still get booze in Ontario during a ‘dry summer’ | (2024)

LCBO workers are on strike for the first time in Ontario’s history, with the union representing those workers declaring a “dry summer has begun.”

LCBO strike: How to still get booze in Ontario during a ‘dry summer’ | (1)

Talks between the Crown agency and the Ontario Public Sector Employees Union (OPSEU) broke down, with the sale of pre-mixed drinks at corner and grocery stores a key sticking point between the two sides.

Some 9,000 workers were officially on strike as of 12:01 a.m. Friday.

While LCBO stores are closed across the province, Ontarians aren’t necessarily stuck with a “dry summer.”

LCBO strike: How to still get booze in Ontario during a ‘dry summer’ | (2)

LCBO stores closed as Ontario-wide strike begins

There are still ways to get your hands on alcoholic drinks, though options to get spirits are more limited than others:

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The Beer Store

Most notably, The Beer Store is unaffected by the LCBO strike.

Locations throughout the province are operating as usual.

“Many of our outlets currently operate with extended summer hours. Depending on individual location circ*mstances, some stores may extend these hours on a case-by-case basis,” Ozzie Ahmed, the vice president of retail at The Beer Store said.

In addition to selling beer, The Beer Store also offers some ready-to-drink mixed beverages.

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Select grocery stores

Consumers can also still get booze at the up to 450 grocery stores that are currently licenced to sell alcohol.

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Those stores are able to sell beer, cider or wine.

To find a grocery store near you that is licenced to sell alcohol, you can visit the provincial government’s website.

Additionally, consumers can go to The Wine Shop or Wine Rack.

Wine Rack spokesperson Mark Wasserman said in a statement that its stores “are working around the clock to prepare the stores and same-day online delivery to meet customer demand.”

“All 164 neighbourhood Wine Rack stores have increased their on-hand inventory and have prepared in-store staffing to ensure they are ready and able to support customers,” Wasserman said.

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Breweries, cideries, wineries, distilleries

Breweries, cideries, wineries, and distilleries in the province remain unaffected by the strike.

They will continue to sell alcohol to customers.

Restaurants and bars

Restaurants and bars will continue to sell alcohol.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, in a bid to help restaurants and bars, the provincial government allowed them to sell alcohol with food takeout or delivery orders — a measure that was ultimately made permanent.

So, it’s also possible to buy alcohol, including spirits, to take home with you from restaurants and bars, if the business offers it.

LCBO strike: How to still get booze in Ontario during a ‘dry summer’ | (3)

LCBO strike to begin Friday involving 9,000 workers at Ontario liquor retailer, union says

Online LCBO orders

The LCBO is still fulfilling online orders through or on its mobile app.

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Its website says it is offering free home delivery on all orders with no minimums, though restrictions do apply. When shopping online, in terms of spirits, customers are limited to two units per product. For wine, there is a limit of 12 units per product and for beer, cider and ready-to-drink beverages, there is a limit of 12 units per product.

“Deliver to store, same-day pickup, and on-demand delivery through LCBO are currently unavailable,” the website notes.

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“Vintages Shop Online continues to be available; however, delivery of orders to stores will be delayed.”

Limited LCBO stores — starting July 19

All LCBO stores across Ontario will be closed for at least two weeks — or until a deal is reached.

If a deal is not reached by July 19, 32 stores across the province will open for limited hours on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The LCBO’s website said, “Information on store locations, hours, and the shopping experience will follow.”

LCBO Convenience Outlets

LCBO Convenience Outlets, which are located in communities where there isn’t “reasonable access” to an LCBO store, remain operational.

The LCBO notes that “LCBO Convenience Outlets are not located in urban areas such as Toronto or in communities where a LCBO store or Beer Store is within 5 kilometres.”

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Other important notes

The LCBO says there are around 2,300 private retail sale options for alcohol in Ontario, including the ones mentioned above.

The LCBO said it is continuing to receive and fulfill wholesale orders.

Additionally, LCBO specialty services and duty-free are operating.

LCBO strike: How to still get booze in Ontario during a ‘dry summer’ | (5)

Doug Ford announces coolers, 30-pack cases of beer are coming to Ontario grocery, big-box stores

— With files from Isaac Callan

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LCBO strike: How to still get booze in Ontario during a ‘dry summer’  | (2024)


Is it illegal to bring beer from Quebec to Ontario? ›

Be an Ontario resident 19 years of age or older; Be importing products for personal use only; Not exceed a total of 45-litres of beverage alcohol (any combination of wine, spirits or beer); Provide documentation indicating the value of your shipment (supplier invoices, etc.)

Does LCBO ship across Canada? ›

SHIPPING & DELIVERY. Where can I have my order shipped? You can place an order from almost anywhere in the world; however, orders can only be shipped to an address within the province of Ontario or to the LCBO store of your choice.

How late does Canada sell alcohol? ›

Canada. British Columbia: Last call for serving alcohol is generally 2:00 a.m. provincially. Municipalities may change last call to as early as 12 a.m. or as late as 4 a.m. if they so choose.

Who can sell alcohol in Ontario? ›

In Ontario, beverage alcohol retailers include the government-owned Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO), and private businesses, such as the Beer Store, authorized grocery stores, and manufacturers' off- and on-site retail stores. The LCBO is the largest alcohol retailer in Canada.

Can I bring two bottles of liquor into Canada? ›

Only one of the following amounts of alcoholic beverages may be imported free of duty and taxes (when stays are more than 48 hours): 1.14 L (40 oz.) of liquor; or 1.5 L (52.7 oz.)

How much alcohol can I bring into Ontario? ›

Alcoholic beverages
WineUp to1.5 litres of wineUp to 53 fluid ounces
Alcoholic beveragesUp to 1.14 litresUp to 40 fluid ounces
Beer or aleUp to 8.5 litresUp to 287 fluid ounces
Feb 15, 2024

Can alcohol be mailed from Canada to USA? ›

Shipping alcoholic beverages by mail is prohibited by United States postal laws. The importer must be 21 to bring alcoholic beverages into the United States.

Can I buy alcohol online and ship to Canada? ›

Authorization must be obtained from your provincial liquor board before customs release. Most provinces permit businesses and individuals to import as long as the goods are not re-sold (incl. at an event).

How much do you get for beer cans in Ontario? ›

20 cent deposit:

Crushed cans? We love 'em! And don't forget aluminum tabs and bottle caps — just put them in separate bags and toss them in with your returns.

What is the most popular alcoholic drink in Canada? ›

Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage across Canada. In British Columbia and Quebec, they prefer wine.

What is the drinking age in Russia? ›

The legal drinking age in Russia is 18 years of age. The sale of strong alcohol is prohibited after 10pm. Drinking is prohibited on public transport, streets and parks. Restaurants and cafes have specially designated smoking and no-smoking areas.

Why do bars close at 2am in California? ›

Many think this is a local matter, but our 2 a.m. last call is actually a state law. Changing that law must happen at the state level, which is what a state senator is attempting to do. Scott Wiener of San Francisco has introduced legislation that gives more local control in regards to how late alcohol can be served.

What are the new alcohol laws in Ontario 2024? ›

After September 5, 2024, all eligible convenience stores will be able to sell beer, cider, wine and ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages. After October 31, 2024, all eligible grocery and big-box stores will be able to sell beer, cider, wine and ready-to-drink beverages, including in large pack sizes.

Can you have open alcohol in your car in Ontario? ›

They state that any alcohol being conveyed must be “in a container that is unopened and the seal unbroken" or “packed in baggage that is fastened closed or not otherwise readily available to any person in the vehicle." With boats, alcohol “stored in a closed compartment" is the unopened and seal unbroken option.

Can you brew your own alcohol in Ontario? ›

At a high level, homebrewers in Ontario are free to brew as much beer as they want, as well as share it with their friends and family without any limitation. As with any other jurisdiction in North American, the sale of homebrew is strictly illegal in Ontario.

How much beer can I bring back from Quebec? ›

You must have the goods with you when you enter Canada. You can bring back up to 1.5 litres of wine or 1.14 litres of alcoholic beverages or up to 8.5 litres of beer. Some tobacco products* and alcoholic beverages may be included in your personal exemption.

Can you bring beer across the border from Canada? ›

Canadians can bring 1L of alcohol (1L of spirits, wine and beer) and some tobacco into the U.S. regardless of the duration of the stay in the U.S., so long as the alcohol and tobacco is for personal use. You may have to pay taxes and duties on purchases over and above the customs allowance.

Can you bring alcohol from Quebec to New Brunswick? ›

Actually, there are laws about bringing wine and alcohol across provincial borders. Yes, you are not legally allowed to transport liquor across the provincial lines. If you do, it must be for "personal" use - so reasonable amount that doesn't indicate you will be "bootlegging" it.

Is it illegal to carry alcohol in Canada? ›

If you are transporting alcohol in an open container with a broken seal or that is not stored in a closed compartment, you are breaking the law.

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