Create a Smooth, Engaging Customer Experience with IAM for CX (2024)

Create a Smooth, Engaging Customer Experience with IAM for CX (1)

IAM for CX is the Docusign Intelligent Agreement Management (IAM) application for organizations looking to meet modern customer expectations in today’s highly competitive business landscape.

Docusign designed this application to streamline the customer journey by eliminating many of the redundant interactions and manual processes commonly found in customer agreement workflows.

A clunky customer experience threatens your bottom line

Docusign all been there as customers: Painstakingly inputting all of our personal data, often redundantly, from one form to the next - all in a desperate bid to get the product or service we need. Not only is this frustrating for customers, it’s also frustrating for you as a business, as there are often manual, redundant processes rife with errors.

Expecting your customers to just put up with this poor experience is a surefire way to frustrate and ultimately lose them down the line, especially if the competition has a more streamlined, user-friendly agreement process.

And all those errors? They lead to delays as you send back documents for correction, which inevitably adds to your cost of acquisition and causes further frustration and possible abandonment from your customers. Deloitte released a new report that identifies the costly and negative impacts of poor agreement processes and tools on customer experience. It shows that inefficient agreement management processes lead to a nearly $2 trillion loss in annual global economic value with 66% of customer support survey respondents reporting inefficient agreement workflows as a driver for negative customer satisfaction.

IAM for CX helps you capture and convert loyal customers

Repair the inefficient agreement touch points across your entire customer journey. IAM for CX helps you streamline and automate manual customer interactions and steps - like data entry and identity verification - so customers complete forms and applications faster and you can maximize your reach and conversions. Lower cost of sales and increase customer satisfaction simply by making it easier for customers to do business with you.

Check out some of the important platform services and powerful tools included with IAM for CX below.

Leverage the most powerful version of eSignature

We’ve included our Enterprise version of Docusign eSignature with IAM for CX, so your business can leverage the most powerful version of eSignature within your customer agreement process.

This is the most powerful version of eSignature and it comes with a host of powerful tools and functionalities.

  • Docusign Admin centralizes the management of your users, accounts, administrators and single sign-on (SSO). Designed for eSignature account administrators, save time through centralized user and account management, secure and control your company assets and corporate use of Docusign, plus efficiently on-board with and remove users.
  • Data Verification is a type of custom field that connects seamlessly with third-party apps to verify important information, such as phone or email - all in real time.
  • Bulk Send lets you send agreements to everyone on a specified list (via CSV file) to save you time and effort.
  • Multi-channel delivery lets you send Docusign agreements via various channels, such as email, SMS, and WhatsApp. All you need is your Docusign account, email, and phone number to use this feature.
  • Advanced Workflows allow you to speed up your agreement workflows, gain additional flexibility, and extra control over your agreement processes. You’ll get access to multiple features like Conditional Routing, Signing Groups, and Shared Access, among a variety of other features.

Eliminate bottlenecks with Maestro

Connect all the different pieces of your customer agreement stack and arrange them precisely as you’d like with Maestro’s codeless workflow builder. By arranging the pieces of the agreement process to suit your customers’ needs and remove unnecessary barriers, you can eliminate bottlenecks that cause your customers to bounce from valuable interactions.

Maestro integrates with the Docusign App Center, so you can easily use CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot, payment processing applications like Stripe, and other popular applications. With these powerful tools deployed into your workflow, Maestro helps you connect and arrange all the necessary steps without manually stitching them together or dropping your customers out of the digital experience altogether.

Additionally, Maestro applies logic that verifies if a customer moves along or is terminated from each step of the agreement process, depending on their eligibility or specific circ*mstances. You can ensure your business is serving the right customers and complying with rules and regulations specific to your locale and industry standards.

Check out this in-depth Maestro blog for more information on how your team can use this customizable workflow builder, along with this insightful Docusign University course (for customers) with step-by-step directions to create your own custom workflow. And if you need additional guidance on using Maestro, please reference our Support Guide.

Simplify customer form-filling with Web Forms

One of the biggest challenges in creating a seamless customer experience (CX) lies in eliminating redundancies from the customer’s end of the interaction. This is where Docusign Web Forms comes in handy for businesses interested in streamlining their customers’ form-filling experience.

Web Forms creates a customized signing experience that dynamically captures customer data, then populates it into an agreement ready for signature. Conditional rules ensure that customers don’t have to sift through irrelevant fields to input their information, saving them time and eliminating hassle.

Additionally, Web Forms generates a custom URL that you can easily embed on your website or share via email for maximum flexibility in your marketing and outreach efforts. It also works with Maestro; you can leverage this workflow builder to seamlessly connect Web Forms to other parts of your customer agreement process.

Learn how to use Web Forms on this Get Started page, which has helpful resources to get you started with this interactive form-filling experience.

Efficiently verify customer identity

Quickly and easily verify your customers’ identities, all without requiring them to drop out of the customer agreement workflow you’ve created, with Docusign Identity Verification. IAM for CX includes 50 uses of Identity Verification (IDV) per full-time user, per year. This gives you the ability to quickly verify your customers’ identities and do so in a manner that’s seamless and intuitive to follow.

We’ve included this feature, as we know that sending a separate email to verify customer identity is both time consuming and drops them out of their agreement workflow altogether, leading to a situation where they could easily bounce.

If you’re interested in how Identity Verification works, learn how to deploy it into your customer agreement workflow in the following Support Guide.

Example: New account opening

See how IAM for CX works, based on this new account opening example. Walk through the steps below to see how this application provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution for organizations interested in building a smooth, streamlined customer experience.

  1. Initial Engagement. Starts when a customer shows interest via your website or app. A customer signs your terms and conditions via embedded signing using Docusign.
  2. ID Verification (IDV). Docusign employs digital identity verification (IDV), so you can be sure of your customers’ identity. They’ll need to provide additional documentation here and can also use our liveness detection to ensure your signers are real and their faces match their IDs.
  3. Registration. Personal customer data from IDV is automatically pushed into Web Forms, saving your customers valuable time and energy. Web Forms capture additional information from your customers, available via a shareable/embeddable URL.
  4. Branch Logic. Conditionally initiate additional forms, as necessary for your customers, based on Maestro’s Branch Logic. Examples you might use this for include tax residency and joint ownership.
  5. Completion. Data is dynamically populated into customer agreements, before being stored in your Google Drive or other popular storage platform.

Give your business a competitive edge with IAM for CX

Provide your business with the competitive advantage needed to excel in today’s competitive landscape with IAM for CX.

Check out the Docusign for more in-depth information on this application, including core capabilities, and leading features - all designed to delight your customers and ultimately have them coming back for more.

Create a Smooth, Engaging Customer Experience with IAM for CX (2024)


Create a Smooth, Engaging Customer Experience with IAM for CX? ›

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Customer experience (CX) refers to how a business engages with its customers at every point of their buying journey—from marketing to sales to customer service and everywhere in between. In large part, it's the sum total of all interactions a customer has with your brand.

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