Best Town Hall 11 attacks in Clash of Clans 2022 - Charlie INTEL (2024)

As you progress in Clash of Clans, you unlock better troops but this is accompanied by improved opponent bases that can wipe out armies within seconds. Here’s a list of the best Town Hall 11 attacks in Clash of Clans so you could win every war and battle in the game.

Previously, Town Hall 11 was the highest level in Clash of Clans and was basically the end game. After many players reached this threshold, the developers released Town Hall 12 to give them a new challenge.

Regardless, Town Hall 11 remains one of the most competitive arenas in Clash of Clans as you’re introduced to a ton of new mechanics such as Super Troops. Learning and using them during battles is the only way to be a valuable contributor in wars.

On that note, here’s a list of the best Town Hall 11 attacks in Clash of Clans.

  • Most effective Town Hall 11 attacks in Clash of Clans
  • Zap Dragon
  • P.E.K.K.A. Bowler Wizard
  • Blizzard Dragons
  • Super Archers
  • Best Town Hall 11 Attack in Clash of Clans – Blizzard Lavaloon
Best Town Hall 11 attacks in Clash of Clans 2022 - Charlie INTEL (1)Supercell

Most effective Town Hall 11 attacks in Clash of Clans

Zap Dragon

A standard Zap Dragon attack in Town Hall 11 of Clash of Clans includes these troops:

  • 8x Dragons
  • 1x Baby Dragon
  • 6x Balloons
  • 2x Wizards
  • 2x Archers
  • 1x Goblin
  • 1x Electro Dragon
  • 2x Minions
  • 1x Ice Golem
  • 7x Zap Spells
  • 2x Earthquake
  • 1x Rage
  • 1x Stone Slammer
  • Grand Warden, Barbarian King, and Archer Queen

How to attack:

You should use the Lightning and Earthquake Spells to clear out the Air Defenses and the Archer Queen. Try to harm as many structures as you can with these spells through proper placement.

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If you’re attacking a relatively large base, use the Baby Dragon, the Electro Dragon, and the Heroes to clear out the unprotected buildings around the edges and make way for Dragons to directly target the defense structures.

Thereafter, the core of the base including the Town Hall will be left and you can use all the Dragons, Balloons, the Stone Slammer, and the Grand Warden to clear it.

Use the Grand Warden ability early and try to start the attack away from the Air Sweeper.

P.E.K.K.A. Bowler Wizard

You can use the following troops to make the best ground attack for Town Hall 11 in Clash of Clans:

  • 4x Healers
  • 5x P.E.K.K.A.
  • 6x Bowlers
  • 1x Wizard
  • 1x Super Wall Breaker (optional)
  • 2x Baby Dragon
  • 2x Balloons
  • 1x Archer
  • 2x Rage Spells
  • 3x Freeze Spells
  • 4x Bat Spells
  • Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Grand Warden
  • Log Launcher

How to attack:

Yet again, the goal is to clear the edges with the Baby Dragon, a P.E.K.K.A., and a Wizard. Once the buildings on the outer edge are destroyed, choose an opening for the remaining P.E.K.K.A.s and place Healers behind them. Lastly, place the Bowlers, the Heroes, the Grand Warden (use his ability early), and the Log Launcher.

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While the main troops clear the core of the base, release bats to distract the defenses and use the other spells to Rage your troops and Freeze the enemy defenses.

Blizzard Dragons

The Blizzard Dragon attack in Clash of Clans is arguably the strongest aerial attack for Town Hall 11 players. Do note that this attack is effective against compact bases and includes the following troops and spells:

  • 8x Dragons
  • 10x Balloons
  • 2x Baby Dragons
  • 1x Lava Hound
  • 1x Freeze Spell
  • 2x Rage Spells
  • 3x Lightning Spells
  • 3x Invisibility Spells
  • Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and the Grand Warden
  • Battle Blimp with Super Wizards

How to attack:

You first need to take down some Air Defenses, the Archer Queen, and the Eagle Artillery. Start by placing some Balloons to distract the defenses and then reveal the Battle Blimp. When the latter breaks, use Rage Spells and Invisibility Spells to destroy the prominent defense structures with Super Wizards.

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Place Baby Dragon to clear the unprotected buildings on one side and the Heroes to take care of the remaining buildings. Once you’ve cleared enough Air Defenses, place the Lava Hound followed by the Dragons and the Balloons. The Lava Hound will distract defenses and absorb damage while other aerial troops will unleash their powerful attacks.

For best results, use the Rage Spell and Grand Warden’s ability early.

Super Archers

The Super Archers’ attack in Clash of Clans is exactly what it sounds like. Town Hall 11 players need these troops to perform it in the game:

  • 11x Super Archers
  • 4x Archers
  • 1x Goblin
  • 1x Wizard
  • 2x Super Wall Breakers
  • 7x Healers
  • 1x Balloon
  • 6x Lightning Spells
  • 1x Earthquake
  • 1x Heal Spell
  • 1x Rage Spell
  • Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and the Grand Warden
  • Siege Barracks

How to attack:

First, use the Lightning Spells to take out the Eagle Artillery and get the most value by damaging nearby defenses through placement. Thereafter, initiate Archer Queen’s attack and back her up with Healers.

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Alongside the Archer Queen, place your Super Archers, Grand Warden, and remaining Healers. However, make sure that these attacks go different ways. For instance, if you’re targeting the southern side of the base, the Queen should go to the area with less defense while the Super Archers and the Grand Warden should target the more dangerous areas.

To clear out the edges where you mostly find unprotected barracks, use your Siege Barracks and Barbarian King. Use the Super Wall Breaker to access the core and using it late in battle isn’t an issue.

Use the Rage and Heal Spells whenever you feel your troops need a boost or healing, respectively.

Best Town Hall 11 Attack in Clash of Clans – Blizzard Lavaloon

The aerial Lavaloon attack is arguably the best Town Hall 11 attack in Clash of Clans. Here are the troops you must train for it:

  • 3x Lava Hound
  • 1x Ice Golem
  • 24x Balloons
  • 1x Super Goblin
  • 1x Super Wall Breaker
  • 1x Baby Dragon
  • 2x Minions
  • 1x Rage Spell
  • 3x Invisbility Spells
  • 2x Lightning Spells
  • 1x Freeze Spell
  • 2x Haste Spells
  • Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and the Grand Warden
  • Battle Blimp with Super Wizards

How to attack:

You first need to use the Lightning Spell to take down an Air Defense. Then, release a Lava Hound with some Balloons to clear out more defenses. Place your Battle Blimp in a manner that it breaks down near the Eagle Artillery and your Super Wizards take down some defenses there. Support the troops with Rage and Invisibility Spells.

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Use the Archer Queen and the Barbarian King to initiate another attack from the opposite side. Place the Ice Golem first to distract the defenses while the Heroes clear the rest of the structures.

Once you’ve successfully destroyed some Air Defenses and the Eagle Artillery, use the Lava Hounds and release Balloons from at least two sides. Mid-way through the attack, release the Baby Dragon and the Goblin to damage outside structures. Use the Spells to buff the troops whenever necessary.

One thing that makes all these attacks successful is precise execution. You clear out the strongest defenses first, release the Heroes to clear out one side, and place the main attackers such as Loons or Archers after some damage is already done. The Battle Blimp with Super Wizards is also the core of many attacks in Town Hall 11.

All in all, you should witness an increase in your win rate if you practice and learn the aforementioned Town Hall 11 attacks. For more content on mobile games, check out the best Genshin Impact characters, how to hide Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom, and Blue Archive codes.

Image Credits: Supercell

Best Town Hall 11 attacks in Clash of Clans 2022 - Charlie INTEL (2024)


What is the best attack for TH11? ›

1) BoWiBa. This is one of the best ground attack techniques for TH11 that can be improved by employing Bat Spells to combat Inferno Towers. Ice Golems serve as tanks in BoWiBa, with Bowlers, Witches, Wizards, and Bats attacking the defenses.

What is the most effective attack in Clash of Clans? ›

Mass Dragon is the most well-known offensive method in Clash of Clans. This approach is extremely beneficial in Town Hall 10 and may be used in multiplayer battles and clan war attacks as well. The attack works best against bases with weak-level air defenses and air sweepers.

Which league is best for Town Hall 11? ›

This applies similarly to other TH levels. If one is a beginner, Gold I league may be the most suitable. Ofcourse, other factors also count such as attacking motive and frequency.

What is the best order to upgrade Town Hall 11? ›

To Summarize:
  • Build your Grand Warden and prioritize upgrading him to level 5.
  • Upgrade the Army Camps to level 9 (Prioritizing The Grand Warden)
  • Upgrade the Barracks.
  • Meanwhile, keep upgrading your King and Queen non-stop, but don't upgrade both, especially if the Grand Warden is being upgraded, too.

How can I attack my own base in COC? ›

All you need to do to enable it is to bring up the chat logs from the left side of your screen, click on the “Challenge” icon, and post a friendly challenge in your clan's chat. Once it is posted all you need to do is click on Attack, select your troop layout, and test out your base's defenses yourself.

Is there an app to practice coc attacks? ›

From Clash of Clans novices to veterans, Clash Fanatic has ALL of the EXCLUSIVE content you need to become more confident in your Raid and War attacks, and FULL of tips & maps to improve your overall attack & defense performance. Share with your Clan Mates to level up your Clan quicker with more War wins and more loot!

Which is the best troop in COC? ›

Dragon + P.E.K.K.A.'s

Dragons and P.E.K.K.A.s are the last two to unlock in the standard Barracks, making them the strongest troops of all. Dragons and P.E.K.K.A.s are great when separate, but when they come together they make your raids epic.

Which is the strongest character in Clash of Clans? ›

The title of strongest hero in Clash of Clans is a hotly debated topic among players. However, many agree that the Archer Queen holds this prestigious title.

What is the best base strategy in Clash of Clans? ›

Place a lot of splash damage buildings close to the center of your base. Centralize all your "normal" buildings, and make sure that they offer each other cover. Place two layers of wall to protect your base from archers. Create "accidental" holes in your base and walls, and fill them with traps to trick your enemy.

How do I get more attacks in COC? ›

You gain one additional attack if you are the player to 3-star a District. All players can use the Troops and Spells that the Clan has unlocked in the Clan Capital.

Which super troop is available in th11? ›

Super Troop Summary Statistics
Super TroopBase TroopTown Hall Level Required to request
Super WizardWizard10
Super DragonDragon12
Inferno DragonBaby Dragon10
Super MinerMiner11
11 more rows

What is the longest th11 spell upgrade? ›

Healer and Haste Spell. 11d 20h and 11d respectively.

What is the easiest town hall 10 attack strategy? ›

DragLoon is one of the easiest attacking strategies that can be used against any Town Hall 10 base since it uses a powerful combination of Dragons and Balloons. It is a preferred offensive strategy that can be applied to both regular multiplayer battles and clan war attacks.

What is the best attack in Clash of Clans town hall 12? ›

As it can cause chain damage to buildings, the Electro Dragon is without a doubt the most powerful troop in Clash of Clans. Combining Electro Dragons and Balloons is one of the best attacking options for Town Hall 12. It should be used on bases where structures are close together so that chain damage can be used.

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