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Missoula, Montana, United States,59803

  • 2009 Silver Eagle M1102 S/A Cargo Trailer (1)

  • 2009 Silver Eagle M1102 S/A Cargo Trailer (2)

  • 2009 Silver Eagle M1102 S/A Cargo Trailer (3)

  • 2009 Silver Eagle M1102 S/A Cargo Trailer (4)

  • 2009 Silver Eagle M1102 S/A Cargo Trailer (5)


2009 Silver Eagle M1102 S/A Cargo Trailer (6)

2009 Silver Eagle M1102 S/A Cargo Trailer (7)

2009 Silver Eagle M1102 S/A Cargo Trailer (8)

2009 Silver Eagle M1102 S/A Cargo Trailer (9)


2009 Silver Eagle M1102 S/A Cargo Trailer (10)

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Jul 18, time TBD

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US $800

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US $100

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37X12.50R16.5LT Tires

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2009 Silver Eagle M1102 S/A Cargo Trailer (14) Payment Details

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  • Item must be picked up within 8 business days of the auction, or the buyer will incur storage charges.

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Hours of operation are subject to change for Holiday Schedules

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No Loading Dock, Ramps, or Forklift Available: Only RGN or trailers with ramps can be used to pick up this item at this location. Seller will not allow item to be loaded on a step-deck or flatbed trailer without the appropriate ramps.

Driver MUST bring a copy of the GovPlanet Item Release to pick the item up.

2009 Silver Eagle M1102 S/A Cargo Trailer (16)Financing

2009 Silver Eagle M1102 S/A Cargo Trailer (17)

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2009 Silver Eagle M1102 S/A Cargo Trailer (18)

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2009 Silver Eagle M1102 S/A Cargo Trailer (19)

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2009 Silver Eagle M1102 S/A Cargo Trailer (2024)


How wide is a m1102 trailer? ›

The interior length is 86" inside the gate. The width between fenders is 56".

How heavy is a 7x16 cargo trailer? ›

How much does a 7x16 trailer weigh? Our 7x16 trailers weigh in at right around 2,260 pounds. This is the empty weight aka the curb weight for the trailer and is an important weight to know as you haul cargo.

How much does the M1101 cargo trailer weight? ›

Size & Weight: Because of its lightweight aluminum frame – only 1460 lbs – an M1101 can be easily towed behind any truck or SUV.

What is the best size cargo trailer? ›

Best Cargo Trailer Sizes

The most common cargo trailer sizes are between 6-foot-wide by 9-foot-length. With this trailer size, you have sufficient space to store your equipment. But if you want a cargo trailer for bigger projects, an 8×16 cargo trailer gives you the best room for all your equipment.

What is the difference between M1101 and M1102 trailers? ›

That is, there is no physical difference between the M1101 and the M1102 models, other than the dataplate. The two model numbers are used to regulate the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), based solely on the vehicle towing the trailer.

How wide should my trailer be? ›

Enclosed trailer floor lengths are most often between 8' and 32', and 7' is a common height. When it comes to enclosed trailer widths, the most common or “standard” sizes are: 5' wide. A five-foot trailer is a great fit for anyone who needs to carry several smaller tools, such as a construction worker.

Do enclosed trailers hold their value? ›

Enclosed Trailers That Just Won't Quit

You know you are getting a great value for the investment when you have an enclosed trailer that just won't quit. We've all seen those 20, even 30-year old trailers that are still running great because they have been well maintained.

How much can a 7x16 trailer hold? ›

Tandem-Axle Trailers with 3500-, 5200- and 7000-lb. Axles
SizeEmpty WeightPayload Capacity 7000 lb.
7 x 16226011,740
7 x 18248011,520
7 x 20264011,360
8.5 x 14260011,400
9 more rows

What is GVWR on a cargo trailer? ›

Simply put, your Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is the maximum amount of weight that your trailer is rated to carry. This number INCLUDES the weight of the trailer itself and the cargo/equipment you plan to haul.

How thick is the aluminum on a cargo trailer? ›

Some trailers come with . 024 aluminum skin, but a trailer with . 030 aluminum skin is rigid and thick. A robust outer layer ensures that the trailer lasts a long time and survives the outside elements.

What is the hitch height of the M1101? ›

When the M1101 is level with the stock 37 inch tires, the pintle is at 29.5 inches from the ground. Most pickup truck hitches are at about 21 inches. You can either lower the trailer or raise the hitch.

How do you determine the weight of a cargo trailer? ›

Therefore, doing simple math, you can figure out what the empty weight of the trailer is by taking the GVWR – MAX GVCC = empty weight of the trailer. In the example of the VATB-5225, the GVWR is 6175lbs. Minus the MAX GVCC of 5225lbs equals 950lbs empty weight.

How long should a cargo trailer last? ›

The lifespan of a cargo trailer can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the quality of construction, maintenance, usage patterns, and environmental conditions. On average, a well-maintained cargo trailer can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years or more.

Are cargo trailers a good investment? ›


When compared to other forms of transportation, cargo trailers are often the most cost-effective option. With a cargo trailer, you'll be able to save money on rental fees, fuel costs, and other expenses that are associated with transporting goods and equipment.

What size enclosed trailer is best for handyman? ›

You will find a 7x14 or 7x16 enclosed trailer as a great middle-of-the-road option. Not too big, not too small, these trailers can carry a hefty payload easily while still retaining a great degree of maneuverability due to their size.

How wide is the m100 trailer? ›

The M-100 trailer weighs 565 pounds empty. The tarp adds another ten pounds. The inside of the trailer body is 72 inches long by 38 inches wide at the bottom.

How wide is a 6x12 trailer? ›

Stock No: JV612SE2
Floor Length:12' or 144.00"
Width:6' or 72.00"
Height:6' or 72.00"
6 more rows

How wide is a 13.6 m trailer? ›

What are the dimensions of a curtain side trailer?
Curtain side trailer: sizes and dimensions
Length internal13.62 m
Width2.48 m
Height2.70 m
Door opening width2.45 m
5 more rows

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